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Fan-Held: Genghis, the Horseback Stranger

Fan-Held: Genghis, the Horseback Stranger

Beitragvon Gilda » 7. Februar 2018, 12:50

Fan-Held/Fan-Hero: Genghis, the Horseback Stranger
Rang/Rank: 33
Farbe/Color: Gelb/Yellow
Fan-Helden-Erfinder/Creator: João Costa

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-07 um 13.48.53.png

I appologize in advance for writing this in english, but since I don't know how to read german and there isn't a a fan forum in english i didnt have any choice.
I play tested him once or twice on legend 3 and he seems balanced. I was also wondering about adding a limit based on willpower level to the combat value bonus.

I'm really looking forward to discussing this hero in the Google translated forum.

Best wishes from a fan from Portugal,
João Costa

Genghis_the horseback stranger.pdf
Ghengis, the Stranger on Horseback
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