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Using Green Event cards in RidN

Using Green Event cards in RidN

Beitragvon BWT » 19. September 2016, 08:04

It's a pity that green "mysterious sea" cards are used so rarely.

So I've made up a variant for using it in any Legend on the North board from RidN.

Preparing instructions:

1) Prepare green "mysterious sea" deck of event cards
2) Remove cards #4, #7, #8, #5 and #6 from it
3) Place the remaining deck near the field 107 (Ruined City) or over it

Rules: During the game when somebody enters field 107 he must stop and resolve one of the green card like in the base game. Green card is resolved before any other cards.

Text on those remaining cards perfectly matches for the situation. If somebody new to the game will play - he will not notice any trick. Like this is the way it suppose to be.

I think from now on I will always play with this variant.
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