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Beitragvon BWT » 25. Januar 2016, 18:34

I 've made hack'n'slash mode.

Every character have 4 additional stats: knowledge, attention, communication, concentration.

It's for the tests like in Eldritch Horror: roll dice, if at least one 5 or 6 - you succeeded.

knowledge, attention, communication - just numbers, concentration - number of column of Willpower (1-7 or 1-5 for dark warrior or Torus).

Rune stones of different colors give +2 for knowledge, attention, communication.

This tests (star token) randomly located on the map of Andor (1 die for 10s and random card from green events deck for 1s, 10 = 0)

"N" token on "C" letter! For moving toward players must complete ceil(number of players / 2 - 1) for 2 hours for each test - another action.

Field divided to 3 parts: forest (22-25, 47-60, 62-63), field (10-11, 13-15, 18-19, 28-29, 34-35, 38-47, 64-65) and relief (12,16-17,20-21,26-27,30-33,36-37,61,66-69).

Player takes a tests card and read the corresponding text to the type of field, and roll dice of testing stat.

Narrator don't progress for monsters. Monsters don't jump through each other, they can stand at one field.

If you fight with a monster on field with several monsters, you figth with all of them at once! Force and dice sums! You kill the strongest monster first, he removes, after this you fight with reduced number of monsters.

Every hero use individual time token! Even if 5-8 players in game!

Also every player get the Fate card.

After completing all fate cards players open the missions card: ceil(number of players / 2).

After completing missions one of the Boss cards reveals.

I have setup and rules, 30 cards of tests, 9 cards of missions and 8 bosses in russian language.

We played this mode 3 times with 6 players, it was fun and long! (5-6 hours)

I just want, maybe, official expansion! Cheap! Just set of tests cards (40+), little tokens for heroes stats (or cards too), cards of missions (10+), cards of bosses (3+) and rules/setup booklet. I'm sure, everybody appreciate this! It can makes Andor a universal game!

I can upload my russian version of it all! And images!
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